Hello I’m (HIA)

Hello I’m (HIA) project provides community interventions to address socio-cultural & religious norms, which have been identified as challenges to establish & execute young people’s SRH rights. DSK is implementing Hello I’m (HIA) project in two sub-districts; Durgapur of Netrokona and Maddhyanagar, Dharampasha of Sunamgonj.

The program is working with young people & community people including parents, teachers, marriage registers, religious and community leaders, Govt. officials in each of the two sub-districts.

The principle strategy of HIA is to provide edutainment (TV and radio programs) to raise awareness on alternative behaviors, attitudes or believes and to provide support to restore the positive attitudes while dealing with the SRHR issues in the community, like Child Marriage, Child Pregnancies resulting school drop-out etc. Edutainment is combined with community sessions with participation of adults (parents, religious and community leaders) and young people. HIA also include advocacy for social accountability at community level aimed at increasing citizen influence on institutional processes and services, and stimulating accountability of government authorities.

The project is underpinned by a ‘Positive Deviance Approach’ which focuses on ‘modeling the positive behavior’ in the community people with regard to child marriage & child pregnancies. ‘Positive Deviants’ are individuals or groups who are successfully counteract & exist against the dominant & discriminatory socio­cultural norms. Positive deviants will be the ‘Role Model’ in the community, who will lead the change process towards the positive deviation of the community to make them able to deal with the SRHR issues & the harmful norms collectively.

HIA links with the wider networks & platforms in Bangladesh, for example Unite for Body Rights (UBR), Right Here Right Now (RHRN), RITU, NEARS etc. working with the similar objectives. Project explores the possibilities to complement the existing helplines, explores & utilizes the options for joint national advocacy works and dissemination of the findings from monitoring, evaluation and operational research as well.

Major interventions are:

Train/Capacitate Youth Organizer, Provide CSE education through Youth Centers, Facilitate Edutainment and CSE (Me & My World Curriculum, MMW) sessions in community, Youth network formation and capacitate them to enhance their decision making and negotiation skill, Develop drama group among the community young  people, train them and facilitate to perform different drama & cultural shows to sensitize their own community people.

Parents network formation and capacitate them to act positively to restore SRHR in all aspects & situations. Facilitate the networks through sensitize meeting, workshop, seminars etc. involve Union parishad elected body, Teacher, community leader, Journalist, Match maker, Marriage register, religious leader to enhance social accountability and many more.

The project is being supported by the IKEA Foundation along with the lead agency Rutgers of Dutch SRHR Alliance. It will continue its journey for 4 years since 2017 to 2020.

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Distribution of Basic Tools & Equipments

DSK has distributed basic tools & equipments among volunteers to deal with disaster in Khulna District. District Compressional Mr. Amin Ul Ahsan has present at this time.          

Celebration of National Sanitation Month

DSK has celebrated National Sanitation Month, October 2017 for one of DSK's project Extension of Community WASH Services supported by Water 1st International.

CBO Jugantor AGM Program


Protest against “Child Marriage Act, 2016”

Protest-Child-Marriage-Act-2016 Protest against proposed “child marriage act, 2016” in front of central Shaheed Minar of Sreepur Upazilla, Gazipur organized by Plan Int. Bangladesh, GPU, DSK, DAM and others organizations

MoU – Dhaka WASA & DSK consortium

MoU-signed-with-Dhaka-WASA-NGOs-News A MoU signing Ceremony of a project named “Billing Performance Improvement for Low Income Community” has taken place between Dhaka WASA and DSK Consortium (DSK, BASA, Nagorik Sheba Foundation, NDBUS) on January 29, 2017 at DWASA Bhaban, Karwan Bazaar, Dhaka. Engr. Uttam Kumar Roy, FCMA-Commercial Manager, DWASA, Dr. Dibalok Singha-Executive Director, DSK, A.K.M Shirajul Islam-Executive Director, BASA, Shah Emdadul Haque-Executive Director, Nagorik Sheba Foundation and Md Abdul Hamid Fakir-president, NDBUS were present at time of the signing session. Under this project, DWASA will engage the mentioned NGOs for the contracted period to operate revenue activities of LIC accounts. This is a contract of 36 months which will be renewed every year and may be extended for further months subject to the satisfactory performance of the operator.

Workshop on EP Reduction by VGD

Workshop on Extreme Poverty Reduction by VGD at Netrakona Workshopat-Netrakona

Dialogue on VGD in Khaliajhuri


Information Right Day Celebration by DSK