Unite for Body Rights (UBR)

The Unite for Body Rights (UBR) program is dedicated to improve the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) situation among the youth population of the selected sub-districts, through facilitating Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) and Youth Friendly Services (YFS) by creating an Enabling Environment; as compatible for the young people.

DSK-UBR Program is being implemented in Durgapur of Netrokona and Maddhyanagar, Dharampasha of Sunamgonj; since 2011.

The overall objective of the program is, “All young people, living in poor rural and (semi) urban areas in selected sub-districts, irrespective of their age, gender, social background or sexual preference know their rights, take informed decisions about their sexual reproductive health and have access to high quality, youth friendly sexual reproductive health services within a supportive socio-cultural and political environment.”

Achievements at a glance: Targeted young people are able to make informed choices & decisions about their day to day life style issues, able to use the CSE leanings in their life. Teachers are upgraded as facilitator from the teacher mode, they are supporting as psychosocial counselor also. School environment is improved and supportive for SRHR.

Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in Schools: CSE Master Trainer developed by the direct training from Rutgers in netherlands. A Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) Curriculum (Me & My World) developed with the support of Rutgers in Natherlands; 60 schools & madrasah are covered in 02 upazila, 120 teachers trained on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE); 10 schools are adapting the Whole School Approach (WSA) as gender sensitive school; Thousands of students received CSE; 60 Students alumni formed to support SRHR in the school environment; 30 Youth Corners are integrated in the schools; HM & School management Committee members are trained to manage SRHR issues in the schools. 

Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) at Out-school: 02 UBR Youth Centers are functioning, managing all the field interventions by the young people; 40 Youth Advocates are trained and organized through UBR Youth Forum; Young advocates are acting as CSE facilitator for out-school young people.

Community preparedness: Members of the defined 40 communities are supporting the program activities. Parents are supporting SRHR and attending the parents meetings regularly. Community leaders & Govt. officials are trained to support SRHR for young people.

Youth Friendly Services (YFS): Staffs are trained on Youth Friendly Services. Govt. officers & service providers are trained on the same. YFS Ensured through 2 UBR Youth Friendly Service (YFS) Centers and 04 Youth Friendly Corners in govt facilities at Upazila Health Complexes (UHC) and Union Health & Family Welfare Centers (UHFWC) in 2 upazila.    

National Contribution:

  • Contributed in the development of national Adolescent health Strategy as a member of the Technical Working Group.
  • Me & My World (MMW) curriculum is well accepted by the National Text Book Board, NCTB and approval of MMW as Supplementary Reading Material (SRM) for Nation- wide school students is on progress.
  • DSK is working in the larger networks on Health & SRHR also, as like as WASH; through UBR, Hello I’m consortium, Right Here Right Now (RHRN) platform, MHM platform etc.

The project is being funded by the Embassy of Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN) in Bangladesh, along with the technical supports from Rutgers & SIMAVI of Dutch SRHR Alliance. UBR has completed its journey of five (05) years successfully (2011-2015) and is continuing the 2nd phase since 2016 to 2019.   

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Distribution of Basic Tools & Equipments

DSK has distributed basic tools & equipments among volunteers to deal with disaster in Khulna District. District Compressional Mr. Amin Ul Ahsan has present at this time.          

Celebration of National Sanitation Month

DSK has celebrated National Sanitation Month, October 2017 for one of DSK's project Extension of Community WASH Services supported by Water 1st International.

CBO Jugantor AGM Program


Protest against “Child Marriage Act, 2016”

Protest-Child-Marriage-Act-2016 Protest against proposed “child marriage act, 2016” in front of central Shaheed Minar of Sreepur Upazilla, Gazipur organized by Plan Int. Bangladesh, GPU, DSK, DAM and others organizations

MoU – Dhaka WASA & DSK consortium

MoU-signed-with-Dhaka-WASA-NGOs-News A MoU signing Ceremony of a project named “Billing Performance Improvement for Low Income Community” has taken place between Dhaka WASA and DSK Consortium (DSK, BASA, Nagorik Sheba Foundation, NDBUS) on January 29, 2017 at DWASA Bhaban, Karwan Bazaar, Dhaka. Engr. Uttam Kumar Roy, FCMA-Commercial Manager, DWASA, Dr. Dibalok Singha-Executive Director, DSK, A.K.M Shirajul Islam-Executive Director, BASA, Shah Emdadul Haque-Executive Director, Nagorik Sheba Foundation and Md Abdul Hamid Fakir-president, NDBUS were present at time of the signing session. Under this project, DWASA will engage the mentioned NGOs for the contracted period to operate revenue activities of LIC accounts. This is a contract of 36 months which will be renewed every year and may be extended for further months subject to the satisfactory performance of the operator.

Workshop on EP Reduction by VGD

Workshop on Extreme Poverty Reduction by VGD at Netrakona Workshopat-Netrakona

Dialogue on VGD in Khaliajhuri


Information Right Day Celebration by DSK