Vision, Mission and Objective

Vision: DSK seeks a country of social justice, where poverty has been overcome, and people live in dignity and security. DSK aims to be a partner of choice within a worldwide movement dedicated to ending poverty.


Mission: DSK aims at building strong community-based organizations (CBOs) which will eventually be able to plan, prioritize and  implement  their  own  development  programs through mobilization of the following combination of
resources: –

  • Family and community
  • Government
  • Donor agencies
  • Concerned civil society


Objectives: DSK is committed to the following objectives to achieve its vision and mission:

  • Providing health care (primary, secondary andtertiary care) and family welfare services to the rural and urban poor in general, and, in particular,to women and children.
  • Implementing illiteracy eradication programme among the children and adults.
  • Implementing programmes of water supply, environmental sanitation facilities and hygiene education to the rural andurban poor and extreme poor in particular.
  • Exploiting all potential options prevailing at the local level  to  generate  gainful  employment for  the  rural  and  urban  poor,  with  special emphasis on expanding women’s participation in income-generating ventures.
  • Linking various production inputs, particularly disbursement of credit to the rural and urbanpoor for realizing the available employment generation opportunities.
  • Contributing to improve the living conditions of the rural and urban poor, campaigning about their right for better livelihood opportunities.
  • Empowerment of community-based institutions with visual leadership of women and poor people.
  • Sensitizing and strengthening the corporate sector, local government, local private service provider and the community in general about their role in the development process, facilitating and encouraging collaborative arrangements.
  • Launching of awareness, relief and rehabilitation program among the victims in the wake of natural calamities and disasters.
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Distribution of Basic Tools & Equipments

DSK has distributed basic tools & equipments among volunteers to deal with disaster in Khulna District. District Compressional Mr. Amin Ul Ahsan has present at this time.          

Celebration of National Sanitation Month

DSK has celebrated National Sanitation Month, October 2017 for one of DSK's project Extension of Community WASH Services supported by Water 1st International.

CBO Jugantor AGM Program


Protest against “Child Marriage Act, 2016”

Protest-Child-Marriage-Act-2016 Protest against proposed “child marriage act, 2016” in front of central Shaheed Minar of Sreepur Upazilla, Gazipur organized by Plan Int. Bangladesh, GPU, DSK, DAM and others organizations

MoU – Dhaka WASA & DSK consortium

MoU-signed-with-Dhaka-WASA-NGOs-News A MoU signing Ceremony of a project named “Billing Performance Improvement for Low Income Community” has taken place between Dhaka WASA and DSK Consortium (DSK, BASA, Nagorik Sheba Foundation, NDBUS) on January 29, 2017 at DWASA Bhaban, Karwan Bazaar, Dhaka. Engr. Uttam Kumar Roy, FCMA-Commercial Manager, DWASA, Dr. Dibalok Singha-Executive Director, DSK, A.K.M Shirajul Islam-Executive Director, BASA, Shah Emdadul Haque-Executive Director, Nagorik Sheba Foundation and Md Abdul Hamid Fakir-president, NDBUS were present at time of the signing session. Under this project, DWASA will engage the mentioned NGOs for the contracted period to operate revenue activities of LIC accounts. This is a contract of 36 months which will be renewed every year and may be extended for further months subject to the satisfactory performance of the operator.

Workshop on EP Reduction by VGD

Workshop on Extreme Poverty Reduction by VGD at Netrakona Workshopat-Netrakona

Dialogue on VGD in Khaliajhuri


Information Right Day Celebration by DSK