Vision, Mission and Objective

Vision: DSK seeks a country of social justice, where poverty has been overcome, and people live in dignity and security. DSK aims to be a partner of choice within a worldwide movement dedicated to ending poverty.

Mission: DSK aims at building strong community-based organizations (CBOs) that will eventually be able to plan, prioritize and implement their own development programs through the mobilization of the following combination of resources:

  • Family and community
  • Government
  • Donor agencies
  • Concerned civil society

Objectives: DSK is committed to the following objectives to achieve its vision and mission:

  • Providing health care (primary, secondary and tertiary care) and family welfare services to the rural and urban poor in general, and, in particular, to women and children.
  • Implementing illiteracy eradication programme among the children and adults.
  • Implementing programmes of water supply, environmental sanitation facilities and hygiene education to the rural and urban poor and extreme poor in particular.
  • Exploiting all potential options prevailing at the local level  to  generate  gainful  employment for  the  rural  and  urban  poor,  with  special emphasis on expanding women’s participation in income-generating ventures.
  • Linking various production inputs, particularly disbursement of credit to the rural and urban poor for realizing the available employment generation opportunities.
  • Contributing to improve the living conditions of the rural and urban poor, campaigning about their right for better livelihood opportunities.
  • Empowerment of community-based institutions with visual leadership of women and poor people.
  • Sensitizing and strengthening the corporate sector, local government, local private service provider and the community in general about their role in the development process, facilitating and encouraging collaborative arrangements.
  • Launching of awareness, relief and rehabilitation program among the victims in the wake of natural calamities and disasters.