WASH Hardware

Project Name Area Name Beneficiary Name Slum Name/ Village Hardware Category Preview
Extension of Community WASH ServicesChittagongMd.aliBishoy ColonyWater PointPreview
Extension of Community WASH ServicesChittagongAmana katunBishoy ColonyWater PointPreview
Extension of Community WASH ServicesChittagongSamsulHager diger parWater PointPreview
Extension of Community WASH ServicesChittagongNurjahanHager diger parWater PointPreview
Extension of Community WASH ServicesChittagongAbdul AzizHager diger parWater PointPreview
Extension of Community WASH ServicesChittagongNomanHager diger parWater PointPreview
Extension of Community WASH ServicesChittagongAbdul MananHager diger parWater PointPreview
Extension of Community WASH ServicesChittagongGolgarJora Debar Par Water PointPreview
Extension of Community WASH ServicesChittagongAbdul HakimjoynogorWater PointPreview
Extension of Community WASH ServicesChittagongAkter bagumjoynogorWater PointPreview
LivelihoodMohakhaliA MannanKarailWater PointPreview
LivelihoodMohakhaliNurunnaharKarailWater PointPreview
LivelihoodMohakhaliNazmaKarailWater PointPreview
LivelihoodMohakhaliMukterKarailWater PointPreview
LivelihoodMohakhaliRazzakKarailWater PointPreview
LivelihoodMohakhaliJahanaraKarailWater PointPreview
LivelihoodMohakhaliYeasinKarailWater PointPreview
LivelihoodMohakhaliKhalek ComanderKarailWater PointPreview
LivelihoodMohakhaliPiyaraKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPChittagongHumayonIce FactoryWater PointPreview
PEHUPChittagongHarunKacha Rally ColonyWater PointPreview
PEHUPMirpurRohimaBawniya bad E BlockWater PointPreview
PEHUPMirpurMahfujur RahmanBawniya bad E BlockWater PointPreview
PEHUPMirpurNazmaBawniya bad E BlockWater PointPreview
PEHUPMirpurJesminBawniya bad E BlockWater PointPreview
PEHUPMirpurSha AlamBawniya bad E BlockWater PointPreview
PEHUPMirpurRiponBawniya bad E BlockWater PointPreview
PEHUPMirpurSahanajBawniya bad Pora BostiWater PointPreview
PEHUPMirpurMaksuda/ LaboniBawniya bad Pora BostiWater PointPreview
PEHUPMirpurShabanaBawniya bad Pora BostiWater PointPreview
PEHUPMirpurMonowaraBawniya bad Pora BostiWater PointPreview
PEHUPMirpurSahjahanBawniya bad Pora BostiWater PointPreview
PEHUPMirpurSirajKalapaniWater PointPreview
PEHUPMirpurMinuKalapaniWater PointPreview
PEHUPMirpurMaksuda/ LaboniKalapaniWater PointPreview
PEHUPMirpurRojinaKalapaniWater PointPreview
PEHUPMirpurAklimaKalapaniWater PointPreview
PEHUPMirpurMajedaKalapaniWater PointPreview
PEHUPMirpurMukbullalasoary Takpara BostiWater PointPreview
PEHUPMirpurRahela Begumlalasoray Pura BostiWater PointPreview
PEHUPMirpurJilangiNagra MatborWater PointPreview
PEHUPMirpurRojinaNagra MatborWater PointPreview
PEHUPMirpurSalamSuban Road-2 BostiWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliMamunKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliRakaKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliEusuf KaziKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliAlaminKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliAnowaraKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliRumiKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliKamalKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliKalam shikderKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliParvinKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliGolanurKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliParulKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliDorbeshKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliBadol masterKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliSurjo vanuKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliNuralomKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliShahjulKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliAkramKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliMalekKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliIsmail MirdhaKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliChan miyaKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliShaheb AliKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliKabil MollaKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliAnamulKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliMd.HasanKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhalinargesKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliAnower-2KarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliAsiaKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliNobi hossainKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliBabulKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliKhalilur/SohrabKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliAlayaKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliKobir hosenKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliAmenaKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliMomotazKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliNurunnaharKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliSaleh amhmedKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliRejaul KorimKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliSetara-1KarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliAbdul mannanKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliOwach KuruniKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliRinaKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliKopilKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliReponKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhalishohed gageKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliMonjurulKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliMomtajKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliBaschoKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliMenuKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliSafiaKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliEsmotaraKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliAnamul KorimKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliFozor aliKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhalimohammod AliKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliJiyaKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliJoinalKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliRejaul Korim labluKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliMannan BepariKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliAowalKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliSetara-2KarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliSelimKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliBaschoKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliAkhi begumKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliJuail sorkerKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliShantiKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliSelinaKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliMalanaKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliMonirKarailWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliAminulPorabostiWater PointPreview
PEHUPMohakhaliNur Hossen/rashidaPorabostiWater PointPreview
PEHUPRayer BazarShimulMasterer BostiWater PointPreview
PEHUPRayer BazarAklimaRohim Baparir Ghat BostiWater PointPreview
Unicef WashMirpurIsmail MiaWest DhamalcotWater PointPreview
Unicef WashMirpurRokeyaWest DhamalcotWater PointPreview
Unicef WashMirpurEunus bukhaariWest DhamalcotWater PointPreview
Unicef WashMirpurElias West DhamalcotWater PointPreview
Unicef WashMirpurSekanderWest DhamalcotWater PointPreview
Unicef WashMirpurFarhadWest DhamalcotWater PointPreview
Unicef WashMirpurFaridWest DhamalcotWater PointPreview
Unicef WashMirpurJahuraWest DhamalcotWater PointPreview
Unicef WashMirpurSiddiq MiaWest DhamalcotWater PointPreview
Unicef WashMirpurDhamalkot SchoolWest DhamalcotWater PointPreview
Unicef WashMirpurSelina AkterWest DhamalcotWater PointPreview
Unicef WashMirpurHashemWest DhamalcotWater PointPreview
Unicef WashMirpurMajedaWest DhamalcotWater PointPreview
Unicef WashMirpurAnowar Hossain BabuWest DhamalcotWater PointPreview
Unicef WashMirpurShahid MiaWest DhamalcotWater PointPreview
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Distribution of Basic Tools & Equipments

DSK has distributed basic tools & equipments among volunteers to deal with disaster in Khulna District. District Compressional Mr. Amin Ul Ahsan has present at this time.          

Celebration of National Sanitation Month

DSK has celebrated National Sanitation Month, October 2017 for one of DSK's project Extension of Community WASH Services supported by Water 1st International.

CBO Jugantor AGM Program


Protest against “Child Marriage Act, 2016”

Protest-Child-Marriage-Act-2016 Protest against proposed “child marriage act, 2016” in front of central Shaheed Minar of Sreepur Upazilla, Gazipur organized by Plan Int. Bangladesh, GPU, DSK, DAM and others organizations

MoU – Dhaka WASA & DSK consortium

MoU-signed-with-Dhaka-WASA-NGOs-News A MoU signing Ceremony of a project named “Billing Performance Improvement for Low Income Community” has taken place between Dhaka WASA and DSK Consortium (DSK, BASA, Nagorik Sheba Foundation, NDBUS) on January 29, 2017 at DWASA Bhaban, Karwan Bazaar, Dhaka. Engr. Uttam Kumar Roy, FCMA-Commercial Manager, DWASA, Dr. Dibalok Singha-Executive Director, DSK, A.K.M Shirajul Islam-Executive Director, BASA, Shah Emdadul Haque-Executive Director, Nagorik Sheba Foundation and Md Abdul Hamid Fakir-president, NDBUS were present at time of the signing session. Under this project, DWASA will engage the mentioned NGOs for the contracted period to operate revenue activities of LIC accounts. This is a contract of 36 months which will be renewed every year and may be extended for further months subject to the satisfactory performance of the operator.

Workshop on EP Reduction by VGD

Workshop on Extreme Poverty Reduction by VGD at Netrakona Workshopat-Netrakona

Dialogue on VGD in Khaliajhuri


Information Right Day Celebration by DSK


Youth Debate Competition at Netrakona


ডি.এস.কে. হাসপাতালের জন্য অনুদান

WP_20160907_20_26_09_Pro বিগত ৭ই সেপ্টেম্বর ২০১৬ইং তারিখে অধ্যাপক মাহফুজা খানম ডি.এস.কে. হাসপাতালের জন্য পাঁচ লক্ষ্ টাকা অনুদান প্রদান করেন। ছবিতে ড.এ.বি.এম. আবদুল্লাহ ডি.এস.কে এর পক্ষে অনুদান গ্রহন করছেন, সাথে ডা. মাহমুদুর রহমান, পরিচালক (স্বাস্থ্য) এবং হাবিবউদ্দিন আহম্মদ সাংগঠনিক সম্পাদক ডি.এস.কে. দেখা যাচ্ছে।

Lesson Learning Workshop of DSK-shiree

Print DSK extreme poverty “Lesson Learning Workshop” took place at The Daily Star Conference Room on August 28, 2016. Prof Mahfuza Khanam, eminent educationist and Vice President of DSK, presided over the workshop. Main observations on the project performance were delivered by Dr. Binayek Sen, eminent economist and Research Director of BIDS.  Dr. Mihir Kanti Majumder, Chairman of Polly Sanchya Bank and former Secretary GoB was the chief guest. Mr. Mofizul Islam Registrar and Director General of Cooperatives was present as special guest.  Dr. Masudul Quader CEO (credit) gave the welcome speech in the workshop. Dr. Mahmudur Rahman , Director (Health ) DSK and other executive committee members were present.  Workshop was attended by participants from different community based, national and international organizations. Print

Condolence on death of Shirin Banu Mitil


PKSF grant received by CEO of DSK

PKSF grant taken by Masudul QuederOn June 19, 2016, Dr. Md. Jashim Uddin, Deputy Managing Director (Admin), PKSF, handed over the cheque of PFSF grant to Dr. Masudul Quader PhD, CEO, Dushtha Shasthya Kendra (DSK). PKSF granted BDT 60 lac to seven different organizations as part of its socio-economic and Human-Capacity Development Programme. Dushtha Shasthya Kendra (DSK) is one of them. Socio-economic and Human-Capacity Development programme, is a new initiative of PKSF. Under the programme, PKSF aims to donate 0.01 percent of its yearly budget to different development organizations. This grant of 1.5 million taka will support Nayan Jogi Asrom and Orphanage at Chandigar in Durgapur of Netrakona district.

Water and Sanitation for Disabled

Sustainable Water and Sanitation for the Women & Men with DisabilitiesA round table discussion was held on `Sustainable Water and Sanitation for the Women & Men with Disabilities’ in an Auditorium (Vorer Kagoj) on 27th June, 2016. The program was jointly organized by ADD, Fresh Water Action Network- South Asia Bangladesh, Vorer Kagoj and KAFOD. Md. Waliullah (Chief Engineer, DPHE), Dibalok Singha (Executive Director-DSK), Hasin Jahan (Country Director-Practical Action), S M A Rashid (Executive Director-NGO Forum), Shafiqul Islam (Country Director-ADD), Yakub Hossain (National Convener-FANSA Bangladesh), Shah Anwar Kamal (Executive Director-UST), Subir Shaha (Deputy Program Manager-CDD), Salma Mahbub (General Editor-B Scan), Alok Majumder (Country Coordinator- Bangladesh WASH Alliance), Md Rezwanul Haque Khan (Program Coordinator-FANSA Bangladesh), Monirul Islam (Engineer- Ahsania Mission), Amir Khoshru (Representative-DORP) and Mahfuzur Rahman (Project officer-Water Aid) were present there and share their valuable knowledge.

Discussion on Faecal Sludge Management

Faecal Sludge Management

Press Conference-National Budget 2016-17

New Nation News