Cyclone Remal Response

In the wake of devastating cyclones in coastal districts, the Dushtha Shasthya Kendra has launched the ‘Survival Assistant for Cyclone-Affected Families in the Coastal (SARA)’ project. This initiative, operating under the DSK-CAID-REMAL Response Project, aims to provide crucial aid to families grappling with the aftermath of natural disasters.

In the interim, the survey work under the DSK-CAID-Remal Response project has concluded, and efforts have been initiated to provide support to 1050 families across 10 unions in Kaukhali, Bhandaria, and Indurkani upazilas of Pirojpur district. Each family will receive Tk 6000 in cash, alongside essential health protection equipment, including buckets, mugs, soap, detergent, sanitary napkins, and more.
Acknowledging the critical necessity for sustenance, community kitchens are currently being set up to deliver cooked meals to families impacted by the cyclone. Furthermore, community kitchens will be established to provide cooked meals to the affected families. These kitchens will cater to 400 individuals, serving three meals a day for seven days. For this purpose, an allocation of Tk 455 per person per day has been set aside.

In a recent milestone, 100 families in Kaukhali Sadar Union have received Tk 6000 in cash assistance each under the SARA project. Md. Mostafizur Rahman, Chairman of Kaukhali Sadar Union Parishad, Md. Sumsuzzan, Emergency Co-coordinator of Christian Aid, and Pradip Kumar Ray, Joint Director of DSK, were present at the event, along with dedicated team members of the DSK-REMAL project.

Through the SARA initiative, DSK plays a pivotal role in aiding cyclone-affected families to restore normalcy and rebuild their livelihoods, providing a beacon of hope amidst adversity.