Microfinance Program Details

Microfinance Program Details

DSK has a vision to make Bangladesh a poverty free country through providing financial service to the poor and the poorest. Following this vision, it started its microfinance activity back in 1992. DSK is one of the twentieth MFI in Bangladesh (CDF directory). At present, microfinance activity is being implemented in urban areas such as Dhaka, Khulna, Chattogram, Narayanganj, Gazipur and Mymensingh metropolitan cities and the rural areas are Dhaka, Gazipur, Netrakona, Kishoreganj, Chattogram, Khulna, Narayanganj, Narshingdi, Sunamgonj, Mymensingh, Jessore, Munshiganj, Cumilla, Barguna, Tangail and Bagherhat districts.


Branches Reached Borrowers Reached Members Reached Areas Staff
268 3,16,618 3,81,229 126 Upazila/Thanas of 21 District and 6 Metropolitan cities 1811 staff including 1074 Field officers


Objective: To improve the social, economic and living standards of the poor people and connect them to the mainstream of the country’s economy.


Microfinance Products

DSK has developed need-based microfinance products to meet the demand of most vulnerable poor who require additional support to develop the skill for self-employment in order to come out of abject poverty. The products of DSK Micro Finance are as mentioned below:

  • Buniad (microfinance for Extreme Poor; basic starting loan)
  • Jagaran (microfinance for Marginal poor in urban and rural areas; advanced microenterprise)
  • Agrasor (Financing Micro Enterprises)
  • Sufalon (Financing Agriculture loans)
  • Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Loan
  • DSK Overseas Employee Loan (DOEL)
  • DSK Education Loan (DEL)
  • SDL/WILL (Sanitation/ WASH Development Loan)
  • ENRICH-IGA (Financing Income generating activities of ENRICH enlisted members)
  • SAHOS (Financial support for the disaster victims)
  • Sustainable Enterprise Project-SEP (Specialized Agrasor Loan)
  • Recovery and Advancement of Informal Sector Employment -RAISE (Specialized Agrasor Loan)
  • Rural Micro enterprise Transformation Project-RMTP ( Specialized Agrosor Loan)
  • BD Rural Wash for HCD (Water & Sanitation Loan)
  • Microenterprise Financing and Credit Enhancement-MFCE (Specialized Agrasor Loan)

Microfinance Performance at a Glance June 30 2022 (In crore BDT)

Description 30th June 2022 Increase/ Decrease
District 15 ↑3
Total staff in microfinance 1499 ↑154
Field Officer 885 ↑108
No. of Branches 183 ↑28
No. of New Branches 28 ↑23
No. of Members 3,27,295 ↑50,376
No. of Borrowers 2,72,863 ↑42,428
Loan Disbursement (Annual) (In BDT) 1400.65 ↑326.33
Loan Recovery (BDT In crore) 1200.64 ↑171.67
Loan outstanding (In BDT) 853.60 ↑189.98
Savings balance (BDT In crore) 319.00 ↑49.01
Annual net service charge ( In BDT) 155.25 ↑19.48
Surplus (Annual in BDT) 14.89 ↓13.24
Equity (Fund) in BDT) 203.23 ↑15.33
PKSF and Bank Loan Outstanding 387.13 ↑24.67
PKSF Loan Outstanding (In BDT) 124.77 ↑17.51
Bank Loan Outstanding 262.36 ↑7.16
Total Due 66.81 ↓14.45
Default Loan Increase (Annual) (14.45) ↓14.45
Write Off- Current Year 10.70 ↑1.010
Write Off- Continuous 46.37 ↑ 10.70
LLP Provision 54.77 ↑ 16.41
LLP Cost (current year) 27.05 ↑15.19
Death Risk Fund 29.79 ↑5.39
Cumulative Loan Disbursement 8,813 ↑ 1400.65
Cumulative Loan Realized 7,959 ↑1200.64
Cumulative Service Charge 1019 ↑155.25
Total FDR 91.18 ↓0.37