Billing Performance Improvement for Low Income Community in Dhaka

In order to increase the access of slum dwellers to legal safe water supply, this project is being implemented.

Implemented Place No. of water points bills are Collected From Target Population Annual income, expenditure and surplus (2020) Duration
Dhaka North City Corporation 6893 1,37,000 BDT 1560000, 1400000 and 16000 respectively. February 2017 till January 2021


  • Low income community (LIC) gets accurate information regarding the bill, meter reading and bill preparation.
  • Slum dwellers mobilized to pay the bills regularly.
  • Strong communication with DWASA is maintained to minimize uninterrupted water supply and discontinuation of bill preparation for specific water point in case of eviction.
  • The slum dwellers have become cautious regarding not using illegal water connections.