CBDRR & CC Adaptation Project Details

Due to global temperature, sea level rise and salinity, access to safe drinking water and regular income through agriculture became a critical problem for the farmers in coastal belt area. In order to overcome the extreme vulnerability, DSK promoted marginal and landless farmers to organize in self-help groups, mobilized savings and practiced following alternate agricultural technology: use of saline tolerant variety of Paddy, cultivation of Sunflower, Maize and Watermelon, sack bag method of vegetable cultivation, small pond fisheries combined with vegetable cultivation on the pond embankment, non-crop activities such as crab fattening, Sheep and Goat banking. It demonstrated alternatives to climate-resilient agricultural practices for greater good and improvement in production of food. Considering the context of coastal belt districts (Borguna, Bagerhat, Khulna and Satkhira), the DSK project along with above mentioned livelihood approach, strengthened community based disaster risk reduction preparedness combined with access to WASH.