Strengthening WASH services in Health Care Facilities through implementing WASHFIT in 16 Upazila Health Complexes.

WASH in Health Care Facilities (HCFs) is an integral part of quality of care. It is a prerequisite for quality of care including safe, effective, and dignified health care services and infection prevention and control. Lack of basic and adequate WASH services in HCFs can endanger patients, health providers and communities. However, even in facilities where required WASH infrastructure is available, the quality and functionality of services are often inadequate or inappropriate and hence pose a difficulty in maintaining quality at HCFs. WHO and UNICEF developed WASH FIT to improve WASH in health care facilities globally to achieve SDGs ( SDG-3: Good health and Wellbeing and SDG-6: Clean Water and Sanitation).

To integrate WASH in Health complex to improve comprehensive Quality of Care (QIC) Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Bangladesh develop a National Strategy WASH in Healthcare Facility 2019 to 2023 A Framework for Action.WASH FIT (the Water and Sanitation for Health Facility Improvement Tool) is a risk-based management tool for different level of healthcare facilities covering key aspects of 1. Water 2. Sanitation 3. Health care waste 4. Hand hygiene 5. Environmental cleaning 6. Energy and environment and 7. Management and workforce. WASH FIT provides a framework to develop, monitor and continuously implement an infrastructure improvement plan and prioritize specific WASH actions. WASH FIT implementation involves a five-step process WinHCFs (figure beside).

Objective: To improve quality of care by improving and strengthening WASH components in Health Care Facilities (HCFs).


Budget Duration Donor
BDT. 19,400,029.00 July 2023 to March 2024 UNICEF

Implemented area:

Sl No Upazila District Division
01 Daulatkhan Upazila Health Complex  




02 Lalmohan Upazila Health Complex
03 Borhanuddin Upazila Health Complex
04 Raiganj Upazila Health Complex  




05 Shahzadpur Upazila Health Complex
06 Ullapara Upazila Health Complex
07 Fulbari KG Upazila Health Complex  




08 Nageswari Upazila Health Complex
09 Ulipur Upazila Health Complex
10 Tarail Upazila Health Complex  




11 Pakundia  Upazila Health Complex
12 Austagram Upazila Health Complex
13 Jhenaigati Upazila Health Complex Sherpur Mymensingh
14 Kachua BH Upazila Health Complex Bagerhat Khulna
15 Dowarabazar Upazila Health Complex Sunamganj Sylhet
16 Sulla Upazila Health Complex

Achievement of fiscal year (current year):

  • All staff deployed/Staff on-board.
  • Staff foundation training.
  • Inception report submission