Cyclone Shelter

In order to provide shelter to the afflicted people in the time of disaster three cyclone centers are underway.

Implemented Places Budget Donor Duration
Barguna sadar upazila of Barguna district and Sharankhola upazila of Bagerhat district and Dacope upazila of Khulna district. BDT 93,60,000 for each and the total budget is BDT 2,80,80,000. KNH German 2019 to November 2020

In Barguna sadar upazila, Manikkhali Government Primary School cum Cyclone Shelter is being constructed. Moreover, in Dhansagar union of Sharankhola upazila another Rajapur Government Primary School cum Cyclone Shelter is underway. In addition, Kakrabunia Government Primary School cum Cyclone Shelter in Tildanga union of Dacope upazila is also being built.

These centers are two storied disable friendly building with washroom facilities in each floor. First floor is for the male whereas second floor is for the female. Each center is capacitated to provide shelter to 600 people.  In addition, a big hall room is being built in each center for the cattle and other domestic animals that the affected people may come up with.