Enhancing Adaptive Capacities of Coastal Communities, Especially Women to Cope with Climate Change Induced Salinity Project

This project is started for managing resilient livelihoods and drinking water solutions for the vulnerable communities in the Southwestern coastal districts of Khulna and Satkhira.
The key objective of the proposed project is to support the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) in “Strengthening the adaptive capacities of coastal communities, especially women, to cope with impacts of climate change-induced salinity on their livelihoods and water security.

  • Implemented Places: Khulna and Satkhira
  • Duration: December 2019 to November 2022
  • Donor: UNDP


  • Poor women and married adolescent girls capacitated and play role of change agents adopting diversified climate resilient alternate agriculture livelihoods in the context of intrusion of salinity in soil and river water and extreme weather events.
  • Communities have access to climate resilient year-round, safe and reliable drinking water solutions–supported by secured income and asset from resilient livelihoods and access from resilient livelihoods.
  • Community centric women led institutional (WLG, WUG, VG, WMC) technical capacities, knowledge and learning strengthened to enable climate-risk informed management of livelihoods and drinking water security.