DSK Maternity Hospital and Laboratory-Durgapur, Netrokona

The main goal is to provide general health care to the poor, ensuring low-cost clinical and laboratory services for the poor and disadvantaged. At present, it is a fourteen-bed hospital. The hospital
is being run in its three-storied building located at Durgapur Upazila Parishad Road. The hospital is registered with DGHS under MoHFW. Total staff number is twenty-one. Hospital service includes outdoor, indoor, operation services, investigation, obstetric, counseling and family planning services. During the last 2020–2021 financial year, a total of 13,075 patients received treatments. There were 8,905 laboratory tests and 1,390 Ultra sonographies. 1,656 patients took such service. A total of 239 deliveries took place. Out of the above, ninety-nine experienced normal labor, and one hundred forty went through Caesarean sections. The maternity hospital is currently being run on its own income and with financial support from the DSK. Given the maternity hospital’s critical need, efforts have been made to transform it into a self-sufficient modern general hospital in future through expansion of infrastructure and services.